In 1985 Wolfgang B. Thörner founded WBT in Essen Germany. Not satisfied about the then standard RCA connections between the different audio components, he developed a clamp connection that was superior, and still is, with respect to the relatively poor cinch connections that were then prevalent. One of the first products developed according to this principle was the WBT-010 connector.

Patent drawing

This was followed by the connections between the amplifier and the loudspeakers with the clamping mechanism incorporated in the chassis section on the amplifier and the loudspeaker.
These sol called 'Pole Terminals' in also called 'Bindingposts' are now used worldwide for the better amplifiers and loudspeakers of which the producers want the best quality connectors for their products.
Of course, time does not stand still for the German WBT is that much research is being done to further improve the properties and construction of their connectors. This has resulted in the so-called 'NextGen' series where the conductive mass was reduced, the pressure between the contact surfaces is increased to create a lower transition resistance.
The insulating material used is Teflon, which is seen as the best insulator.

WBT 705 AG NextGen binding post

The latest developments WBT has the focus on is nanotechnology where the conductive material is no longer metal such as copper, silver or gold, but carbon in the form of a graphite layer.

NanoGen RCA connectors and RCA plugs

WBT Chief Wolfgang Thörner says he has established that a thin graphite layer has a better conductivity than the aforementioned metal conductors.

We choose to sell the higher rated connectors from the product range of the company WBT. All connectors are manufactured in Germany and it is rightfully a German quality product that is used for good reasons by hundreds of other audio companies on their products.

WBT Binding posts op een KT88 tube poweramplifier



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