Warranty and Returns



TubeDirect applies the following conditions regarding warranty and return shipments.

Warranty on:

- Electron tubes New:
90 days if there is no glass breakage or burnt out filaments.

- Electron tubes NOS:
30 days if there is no glass breakage or burnt out filaments.

- Capacitors (Film):
V-Cap, lifelong for the first owner if installed correctly.
Mundorf, 1 year.

- Chassis parts:
Cardas, 2 years after purchase.
WBT, 2 years after purchase.

 - Resistors:
30 days, if installed correctly.

- Other items:
1 year.

TubeDirect does warrant manufacturing defects but not for damage due to improper use of components.

Conditions for return shipments:

Return shipments outside of the legal cooling-off period of fourteen days, can only take place once you have received an e-mail from TubeDirect that your return shipment has been approved by us. The following additional conditions apply to accepting a return shipment:

1. The items to be returned must be properly packaged in their original packaging including all original accessories such as power supplies, instructions, etc.

2. TubeDirect cannot accept return shipments where changes and / or modifications have been applied to products supplied by TubeDirect.

3. The items to be returned must be well packaged to prevent damage during transport and the package (s) must be sufficiently franked. Clearly mention the return address below from TubeDirect and the sender.

4. If parts are missing, Tubedirect reserves the right to charge this.

5. In the return shipment, please enclose a printed version of the mail that you have authorized with us, together with a copy of the invoice.

6. If all of the above conditions are not met, TubeDirect reserves the right not to handle your return shipment.

Return address:

TubeDirect BV
Kamerlingheplein 2
9712 TR Groningen
The Netherlands