Tung-Sol 12AT7W

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Tung-Sol 12AT7W

The 12AT7 is a medium-gain double triode for both guitar and audio applications.

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More Information
Tube type 12AT7
Manufacturer/Brand Tung-Sol
Production New
Tube kind Signaltube
Construction Dual Triode
Pin Layout Noval 9 pins
Country of Manufacture Russia

Tung-Sol 12AT7W
The 12AT7 is a double triode with medium gain. Popular in guitar and audio amplifiers as driver and phase inverter because the 12AT7 can deliver almost 10 times more power than a 12AX7 or 5751.

Tung-Sol Lamp Works was founded in 1907 in Newark, NJ USA. The name Tung-Sol is a contraction of Tungsten or tungsten the element where the filaments in tubes and light bulbs are made and Sol what in Latin means sun. Advertising for Tung-Sol car bulbs Since the 1920s, Tung-Sol also started producing other electronic products, including electron tubes. Tung-Sol strived for perfection of its products by means of a manufacturing process under laboratory standards and strict quality control. The best known tube from Tung-Sol is the 6550 marketed in 1955 in response to the Genalex / Marconi KT88. The 6550 is a so-called 'beam tetrode' and can be found in amplifiers with a lot of power, for example in the Ampeq SVT bass amplifiers and Marshalls 50 and 100 Watt guitar amplifiers for the American market. Also in the heavy amplifiers of Audio-Research, from the rare and most sought-after Audio Research the D150 (introduced in 1975) to the Reference 600, the 6550 as standard power tube deployed.

Besides the Tung-Sol 12AT7W we also sell the premium Genalex 12AT7 / ECC81 / B739, the Mullard 12AT7 and the affordable 12AT7’s from TAD and Electro Harmonix.