Sylvania 12AX7WA long grey plate - matched pair

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NOS Sylvania 12AX7WA Long greyplate - matched pair

Perfect robust high-gain double triode milspec. for both guitar and (phono) audio applications.

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More Information
Tube type 12AX7
Manufacturer/Brand Sylvania
Production NOS
Tube kind Signaltube
Construction Dual Triode
Pin Layout Noval 9 pins
Country of Manufacture United States

Sylvania 12AX7WA Long grey plate - matched pair
This NOS Sylvania 12AX7WA is a JAN (Joint Army Navy) version with the long gray plates (Anode). Popular in both guitar and audio amplifiers (especially phono).

In 1931 Hygrade Sylvania Corporation was founded by three companies including the Sylvania Products Company. At the beginning of the last century, the other two companies were still busy repairing light bulbs by opening them and installing new filaments or glow plugs and then burning the glass again.
Sylvania has been involved in a legal battle with the giant General Electric since the early thirties because of the rights to produce fluorescent tubes. From the beginning of the forties, the name is changed to Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. With the corresponding lightning bolt 'S'.
Between the 40s and 50s the production of all kinds of electrical products including radios and TVs was well underway and one after the other factory was opened
In the early Sixties Sylvania introduced its so-called 'Gold Brand' series a semi-industrial tube with three mica spacers, gold connectors and gold lettering. This series is now very popular and high prices are paid for these tubes.

Matched tubes 
This set of tubes is matched. This means that the measured values of the tubes fall within the same range and thus perform equally.
This is important for two reasons:
1. To obtain the same gain factor per tube.
2. For the same amount of quiescent current per tube.
The first requirement speaks for itself and the second requirement prevents the one tube where a higher quiescent current or bias is needed to make it work in the linear region will also be worn out earlier. Both new tubes and our NOS tubes can be ordered separately.