Siemens NOS K1007 / ECC83 /12AX7

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Siemens K1007/ECC83

The Siemens Siemens K1007 signal tube is one of the best ECC83 double triodes.
Tube is 100% new in original box.

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More Information
Tube type 12AX7
Manufacturer/Brand Siemens
Production NOS
Tube kind Signaltube
Construction Dual Triode
Pin Layout Noval 9 pins
Country of Manufacture Czech Republic

Siemens K1007
The Siemens K1007 / CV492 / ECC83 / 12AX7 milspec signal tube is one of the most beautiful ECC83 / 12AX7 double triodes.
Tube is new in original box.

Balancing double triodes
Because this is a double triode, the tubes are not only mutually matched but also the two triodes internally matched.