Mullard EL84

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Mullard EL84

The small powerpentode used in many guitar amps of, among others, VOX, Fender and Mesa Boogie.

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More Information
Tube type EL84
Manufacturer/Brand Mullard
Production New
Tube kind Powertube
Construction Pentode
Pin Layout Noval 9 pins
Country of Manufacture Russia

Mullard EL84 matched pair
The EL84 developed in the Philips Physics Laboratory in Eindhoven (NatLab) and introduced in 1953 in Mullard radios. The EL84 was introduced as a cost effective alternative to the EL34 especially when it was used in so-called 'Table-top' radios where driver tubes could be omitted in these designs due to the easy control of the EL84. Now the EL84 is used in old VOX, Fender, Mesa Boogie guitar amplifiers and as a new application in headphone amplifiers.

The Mullard Radio Valve Company, founded in 1920 by captain Stanley R. Mullard, has been the leading pipe manufacturer in the UK. Co-founder of the BBC and producer of one of the most famous pentodes the 'EL34' a Philips invented and patented process to counteract the unwanted secondary emission of electrons with the help of a third grid (the supressor grid). Philips took over all shares in Mullard in 1927 and built a factory for the manufacture of radios in the thirties alongside a Mullard factory in Mitchum. The best known tube is of course the EL34 introduced in 1949 by Philips manufactured with the aforementioned patented surpressor grid so that together with the other four electrodes namely the Cathode, the Anode, the Control grid, the Screen grid a so-called pentode tube arose, pentode derived of Ancient Greek Penta which means five.
Mullard was taken over in 2007 by the American New Sensor and produces under this name several Mullard classics including of course the EL84 which we have standard in our product range in matched sets of two and four pieces.

Besides the Mullard EL84 we also sell a premium version of the EL84 the Genalex N709 / EL84 the Tung-Sol EL84 / 6BQ5 and a lower priced TAD and Electro Harmonix EL84