Genalex 6V6GT / CV511 Gold Lion matched pair

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De Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT / CV511 matched pair

Our premium 6V6 from Genalex.
The 6V6GT beam powertetrode is still used in many guitar amps and headphone amplifiers.
Set of two pieces

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More Information
Tube type 6V6
Manufacturer/Brand Genalex
Production New
Tube kind Powertube
Construction Beaming Tetrode
Pin Layout Octal 8 pins
Country of Manufacture Russia

The Genalex Gold Lion 6V6GT
The 6V6G (T) was initially developed by Ken-Rad and Raytheon in 1936 as a smaller version of the 6L6 especially for use in (car) radios to replace the 6F6 pentode. The 6V6 beam tetrode is still used in many smaller guitar amps and also used in modern headphone amplifiers as the output tube.

The T behind Glass G indicates that this is the smaller glass housing (T9)

Matched tubes
This set of tubes is matched. This means that the measured values of the tubes fall within the same range and thus perform equally. This is important for two reasons:
1. To obtain the same gain factor per tube.
2. For the same amount of quiescent current per tube. The first requirement speaks for itself and the second requirement prevents the one tube where a higher quiescent current or bias is needed to make it work in the linear region will also be worn out earlier. Both new tubes and our NOS tubes can be ordered separately.

Genalex / Marconi Osram Valves
Genalex was founded in 1919 by the companies Marconi and Osram with the aim to respond to the increased demand for electron tubes after the First World War. In 1937, Marconi introduced the Kinkless Tetrode 66, or the KT66, as a solution to circumvent Philips' penthode patent. Philips had found the solution with a 'supressor grid' to suppress the unwanted secondary emissions and Marconi used so-called 'beam forming plates'. In the US, RCA licensed the first power tube according to this principle the 6L6 ('Beam Tetrode' in the US) one of the most successful guitar amp tubes. The most famous tube from the KT series is of course the Gold Lion KT88. A power tube in a push-pull configuration that delivers 100 watts, twice as much as the KT66. The KT90 and KT120 are newly developed tubes with even more power according to the same beaming principle and are also available from TubeDirect.