Genalex Gold Lion PX300B matched pair

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Genalex Gold Lion PX300B Matched Pair

Beautiful reissue of the WE300B. This tube has been tested as best many times.
Set of two pieces

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More Information
Tube type 300B
Manufacturer/Brand Genalex
Production New
Tube kind Powertube
Construction Power Triode
Pin Layout 4 pins
Country of Manufacture Russia

Genalex Gold Lion PX300B matched pair
The 300 was originally developed by Western Electric in 1933 in the famous Bell Labs as 300A.
in 1938 the bayonet pin turned 45 degrees in position and it became a 300B. Tube delivers 8 Watt single ended and 15 Watt in Push Pull configuration.
This Gold Lion reiisue has a porcelain base and gold-plated connectors.

This set of tubes is matched. This means that the measured values of the tubes fall within the same range and thus perform equally. This is important for two reasons:
1. To obtain the same gain factor per tube.
2. For the same amount of quiescent current per pipe. The first requirement speaks for itself and the second requirement prevents the one tube where a higher quiescent current or bias is needed to make it work in the linear region will also be worn out earlier. Both new tubes and our NOS tubes can be ordered separately.

Genalex/Marconi Osram Valves
Genalex Gold Lion is a 50-series series of superior tubes made by the British company Marconi Osram Valve Company Ltd. The current Genalex Gold Lion is next to Tungsol one of the premium brands of Electro harmonix that TubeDirect carries.