Electro Harmonix 6550EH

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Electro-Harmonix 6550EH

Electro-Harmonix 6550EH beaming powertetrode for tougher loads.

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More Information
Tube type 6550
Manufacturer/Brand Electro-Harmonix
Production New
Tube kind Powertube
Construction Beaming Tetrode
Pin Layout Octal 8 pins
Country of Manufacture Russia

Electro-Harmonix 6550EH
The 6550 powertetrode was originally developed by Tung-Sol in 1955 as a more powerful output tube (100 watts in complementary setup) than the EL34, 6L6 and 6CA7. The English counterpart of the 6550 came on the market a year later as the KT88.

Electro-Harmonix is a New York based company that has gained notoriety through guitar effect pedals. Started in 1968 by an audio technician and an ex-employee of IBM Mike Matthews, who is also a Rhytm & Blues pianist. In the nineties, Electro-Harmonix was taken over by the New Sensor company, which is also located in New York. New Sensor has its own tube plant in Saratov Russia where it has its tubes made under strict supervision from the EH USA. Now that Electro-Harmonix has 50 years of experience within the music world, we at TubeDirect are convinced we have chosen a reliable partner for the supply of new tubes.

Besides the Electro-Harmonix 6550EH we also sell the 6550 Tung-Sol our premium version of the 6550.