RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-30

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RCA Tube Manual RC-30

An absolute must for the tube specialist. An extensive manual with drawings and graphs of almost all vacuum tubes. The 1973 edition with 760 pages

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More Information
Title RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-30
Author RCA Corporation - Distributor and Special Products Division
Year of publishing 1973
Number of pages 760
Language Engels

RCA Tube Manual RC-30
The manual for the tube specialist.
Also contains full specifications and graphs of the "modern" tubes such as 6CA7 / EL34,5AR4 / GZ34, 6DJ8, 6LF6, 6KG6A / EL509, 6550A, 7027A, 7189, 7591A and the 7868 just to name a few. Also includes industrial receiving ubes. This most up-to-date tube data book is a must for technicians and designers.

RCA or Radio Corporation of America was founded in 1919 by General Electric (GE) and Westinghouse with the aim of providing communication between shipping traffic. The tubes that came on the market under the name RCA Radiotron were made by GE and Westinghouse until 1931.
The best known tube of RCA Radiotron is the Beamtetrode 6L6. This was initially produced under the license of Marconi-Osram as the American version of the KT66. The first 6L6 tubes were provided with a black coated metal casing which was replaced by glass from the 6L6G (G stands for Glass).