WBT 0152 Ag RCA connector

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WBT Topline Cinch connector 0152 Ag

Heavier version of the Topline series full of metal with silver conductors and brass body.
This connector accepts cables with a diameter of up to 10.5mm

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More Information
Manufacturer/Brand WBT
Country of Manufacture Germany

WBT Cinch connector 0152
The beautiful WBT-0152 NextGen ™ Topline connector is a high quality product. WBT has solved the age-old problem with its unique clamp connection with the standard cinch connector that, over time, becomes looser or too tight or loose. This super solid clamp connection guarantees a firm grip on the chasideel, resulting in good contact and guidance. In particular, the connection between the pre- and final amplifier is an absolute must to prevent closure by unplugging. This connector is completely metal.

Founded in 1985 by Wolfgang B. Thörner, WBT specializes in making perfect mechanical connections between audio components. The patented Cinch clamp connection is a good example of this, just like their 'wrist terminals' or loudspeaker connections that guarantee an equally superior connection between amplifier and loudspeakers.
The now thirty-year-old company is constantly focusing on the research into the use of new techniques and materials for the development of even better connectors
This has resulted in the so-called Next Generation of Nextgen technology with a reduction of the conductive mass, an increase of the contact surface and the application of Teflon as an insulating material.
Another new revolutionary development is that of using the superconducting graphite as a conductor, the so-called Nano Technology.

TubeDirect has opted for a mix of loudspeaker connectors from the classic and next generation series of WBT. Naturally, we can also supply the entire WBT assortment if required.