V-Cap CuTF 0.033µF / 600 VDC Copper Foil capacitor

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V Cap CuTF - 0,033uF / 600 VDC

The Teflon film capacitor from the highest segment. Tested best on several occasions.
Load capacity up to 1200 volts in a capacity range of 0.015 to 2 uF.

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More Information
Manufacturer/Brand V-Cap
Series CuTF
Country of Manufacture N/A
Type of Capacitor PFTE of Teflon®
Capacity 0.033µF ±5%
Voltage 600VDC
Size 16,5mm diameter / 29,2mm length
Wire 0.6mm omtrek / 35-45mm length

V-Cap CuTF capacitors
This series of capacitors are considered to be one of the best available on the market. Cu or Cuprum is in this case copper, superconducting and oxygen free, and TF Fluoropolymer or Teflon®, the best insulator. The V-Cap CuTF series is often used for upgrades of audio equipment from the higher segment.
The green lead indicates the outer wrapper.

About V-Cap
V-Cap is the brand for one of the most beautiful Fluoropolymer (Teflon®, a brand name of Dupont) film capacitors. The American company VH Audio, the manufacturer of these top products, is led by Chris VenHaus hence the letters VH in VH Audio. In 1995 Chris became active in the audio world, especially in the DIY scene by developing so-called DIY audio recipes which are still online at his VH Audio DIY section.
One of his first products was to make his own speaker cable by configuring many CAT 5 ethernet cables in parallel as one cable.
In 1999 Chris started VH Audio and in 2004 he was the first to introduce a film capacitor using Fluoropolymer or Teflon® as an insulator between conductive capacitor windings. Teflon® is seen as a substance with the highest insulation value and because of this property the audio world has always been interested in the application of this material despite the difficult processing of this material. After years of research, Chris and his research team were able to develop a way of using a very expensive Swiss wrapping machine to provide the conductive film (tin initially in the TFTF series and now copper) with a tightly wound Teflon® interlayer. of the very best film capacitors on the market.
Because both the TFTF series and this CuTF series of V-Cap are resistant to heat, these are often found in the more expensive tube amplifiers. A good example of this are the American OTL amplifiers from Atma-sphere where 90% of the customers opt for an upgrade with V-Caps.