Mundorf MCap Supreme EVO - 0,33µF / 1000 VDC

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Mundorf MCap SUPREME EVO - 0,33uF / 1000 VDC

High-quality film capacitor for various applications.
Load capacity up to 1000 volts in a capacity range of 0.10 to 0.68uF.

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More Information
Manufacturer/Brand Mundorf
Series MCap Supreme EVO
Country of Manufacture N/A
Type of Capacitor Polypropylene
Capacity 0.33uF 2%
Voltage 1000VDC
Size 31mm diameter / 23mm length
Wire 0.6mm omtrek / 35-45mm length

Mundorf MCap Supreme EVO capacitors
Mundorf's revolutionary new wrapping technology made this new EVO series possible.
Load capacity up to 1000 volts in a capacity range of 0.10 to 0.68uF.

About Mundorf
Raimond Mundorf founded his company Mundorf in the 1980s and initially started with the development of high-quality air coils for loudspeaker crossovers. One of his customers was the loudspeaker manufacturer ScanSpeak who was impressed with his Zero Ohm Basscoil.
In the nineties Mundorf started with the development of high-quality film capacitors and that is how the well-known MCap came into being. Steadily he expanded the range of capacitors and in 2015 Mundorf introduced the MCap Supreme Evo series with a new revolutionary wrapping technique which was initially only supplied to the industry but which is now also available for high-end audio manufacturers and enthusiastic home builders.
In consultation with our Mundorf product manager we have chosen the affordable standard Supreme Evo aluminum version and the very best Supreme SilverGold versions without oil impregnation because they are the best resistant to the heat of the tubes. Of course we can supply all products from Mundorf.