Duende Criatura 17.5-18

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Duende Criatura 17.5-18

Two Teflon tube rings for damping vibrations, which improves the sound.

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More Information
Manufacturer/Brand Duende Criatura
Country of Manufacture Netherlands
For tubediameter 17.5-18mm
For type of tube 6AU6, 5641A, 6AK6A

Duende Criatura 17.5 - 18
Vibration of the glass and the interior of audio tubes causes timbre and distortion. The damping rings of Duende Criatura are made of Teflon and Titanium and damp the microphones and oscillations in the tube, creating a more spacious and cleaner sound. The material can withstand temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius.

The Duende Criatura 17.5 - 18 mm diameter ring is suitable for the following tubes:

6AU6, 5651A, 6AK6

Duende Criatura
Duende damping rings are manufactured in the Netherlands by Analogue Audio.