Pearl Tubecooler OCF-8, suitable for tubes like the 6BL7 and 6BX7

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Pearl Tube Cooler OCF-8

The miniature tubecooler for 8 pins tubes like the  6BL7 and 6BX7

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More Information
Manufacturer/Brand Pearl
Country of Manufacture N/A
For tube type 6BL7, 6BX7, 6SL7, 6SN7 5691, 5692, and 5693
Type OCF-8
Pin layout 8 pins signaalbuis
For diameter tube N/A
Length N/A
tuberadiator length N/A

Pearl Tube Coolers
Pearl has developed a specific well-fitting cooler for an extensive list of most common tube types. To find the right cooler for your tube, in the case of a signal tube you can choose the number of pins 7, 8 or 9 in principle in this case and for support we also indicate the most common types of tubes for a specific cooler.
It works differently at the output tubes. There the diameter of the tube is leading which varies from 1.25 inch (66.5 mm) to 2.50 inch (78.7 mm). We also supply the most common tubes for every type of cooler.

About Pearl
Perkins Electro-Acoustic Research Lab, Inc.
Pearl Hifi is a Galgary Canada company led by Bill Perkins who has been conducting research for more than 20 years to improve the operation and life of vacuum tubes. His most renowned product line is that of tubecoolers or tube radiators.
In several scientific studies carried out, among others, on behalf of the US Department of Defense, it has been shown that the life span of tubes can be lengthened considerably by cooling the surrounding glass of the tube. This made the glass less porous and kept the vacuum better if the contamination of the tube was limited.