About us

We are a young company dedicated to bring you the best components for music reproduction.

People who have a passion for music, like we do, are more and more acknowledging that the sound of tubes is overall the most effective way to satisfy their needs.
The DIY community and musicians are already knew this and their numbers are still growing also because of the knowledge that is freely shared online and it makes an entry into the tube-domain much easier nowadays. A new generation loves to listen to tubes with personal audio-devices like USB headphone amplifiers.
The vacuum tube like vinyl are here to stay in spite of new technologies that left many people that cherish truly musical sound reproduction unsatisfied.
As TubeDirect we would like to serve those music lovers with high quality components to make them happy customers.
We also believe that the ordering- and shippingprocess should be straightforward without any hassle and that’s why we choose for a professional webshop with save paying options and fast shipping.